Arie Budiansyah, M.Eng.
College of Science, Syiah Kuala University
Computer Science Study Program
Jln. Tgk. Syech Abdurrauf No.10, Gedung Laboratorium Penelitian Terpadu Lantai 3, 23111 Banda Aceh, Aceh-Indonesia
email: arie.b[at]

About me

Mr. Arie Budiansyah is a junior lecturer in Informatics (Computer Science) Study Program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science of Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. She received B.Sc. degree in Computer System from University of Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) , Banda Aceh, and M.Eng. degree in Computer and Informatics Engineering from Asia of University (Asia U) , Taiwan.

My research interests are Text Trend Analysis, Communication Data, Scheduling and Synchronization. Those topics would be offered for bachelor students as their theses.


Selected publictions are listed below.

  1. Arie Budiansyah and Muslim Amiren. 14 Oktober 2012. Perancangan RFID untuk UPT Pustaka Unsyiah
    University of Syiah Kuala. Banda Aceh - Indonesia
  2. Arie Budiansyah. Agustus 2010. Text Trend Analysis via Significant Term History (A Study on Serambi Newspaper)
    Asia University. Taichung - Taiwan.
  3. Arie Budiansyah dan Viska Mutiawani. Maret 2014. Membangun Pola Musim Panas dan Musim Hujan untuk Prov. Aceh
    University of Syiah Kuala. Banda Aceh - Indonesia


Some achievements I received:

  1. Dosen Muda Grant Research year 2014 with Viska Mutiawani.
    Research title: Membangun Pola Musim Panas dan Musim Hujan untuk Daerah Prov. Aceh.
    Download the paper in here.
  2. Innovative Student by Asia University-Taiwan, 2010. ertificate in here
  3. Moral Excellent by Asia University-Taiwan, 2010. Sertificate in here
  4. 3rd Place in Library Science Competition by Syiah Kuala Univ, 1998. Sertificate in here


I am teaching the following courses: